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Coach Catherine


Passionate, Tenacious, Sincere


About Me

I treasure the magic spark that’s fueled me throughout the years to lead others in igniting their potential.  I relish the flutter in my stomach when I glimpse the determined look on their faces while they confront challenge.  Electricity flames and I truly believe it when I say, “You can do this!”  


I’ve always revered the satisfaction attained through accomplishment, and to this day, I subscribe to the belief that discipline and tenacity are necessary for growth.  But the way I define success and strategize how to reach it, has morphed drastically. 

At age 19, I became a certified group fitness instructor and proceeded to teach over 3,000 classes during the following 13 years, compelling others to power their hearts and muscles through sweat-drenched, originally choreographed workouts in multiple formats.  


Simultaneously, during the first decade of my full-time career, I worked as a consultant, mainly in the elective healthcare space, for both businesses and consumers.  I managed teams ensuring exceptional patient care while leading countless people in changing their lives through aesthetic medicine.  My efforts resulted in building businesses by generating millions in revenue. 


My professional adventures introduced me to people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  Through some of my interactions, those individuals privileged me with a window into their private minds.  Practical strangers confessed thoughts and feelings they rarely confided in their significant others, families, or long-time friends.  I served not only as a motivational leader but a confidante, relationship advisor, or simply a present listener. 


I found myself attracting similar conversations in my personal life, no matter where I was - a restaurant, a social gathering, on a date, or even sitting at a bar on New Year’s Eve, I immersed myself in discussions all inspired by someone's acute need for connection, empathy, or innate desire for understanding their life's purpose.  And when I wasn't working or out living, I was investigating history, psychology, relationship dynamics, and spirituality.  


The truth is, I hungered for connection and purpose.  The brave individuals who shared with me pieces of Their Truths must have sensed my open mind and reaching heart.  I genuinely cared and wanted to be supportive, and I felt invigorated by their trust.  But I didn’t understand yet that those conversations would fulfill me far more than the successful image I prioritized.  


For a long time, I accepted myself depending upon my accomplishments because I believed that’s what awarded my value.  Ironically, the pressure I placed on myself backfired and I exhausted myself flipping between periods of motivation and intense effort, and lethargy and scraping-by.  It wasn’t until I faced difficult Truths about all I sacrificed chasing an unattainable fantasy life, that I was able to unwind my fear and repair my misguided mentality.  


I relaxed, discovering I didn’t need or want many of the rewards I hustled for.  By releasing pressure, I replaced my anxiety with excitement. I uncovered ideas, inspiration and gifts that invited curiosity, leading me down an adventurous path towards True Success where I learned to prioritize my self-worth over my perceived value. 

My transformation didn’t occur because one drastic event forced me to change.  I began my new journey because I acknowledged that my life’s condition wasn’t satisfying, even after the tremendous effort I invested.  I realized that invisible limits created small, repetitive decisions to avoid invalidating Truths.  Like many humans, I hoped these Truths could be circumvented through accomplishments, accolades, relationships or acquiring assets.   


But the comfort and familiarity of the hustle cycle made it easy to move through life missing the cause for my discombobulation that resulted in self-sabotage.  I only appreciated my genuine success when I stopped fighting fear and developed the ability to endure all of life’s realities.  Those realities included unpleasant Truths but also the potential for fulfilling my tremendous capacity that I would otherwise squander. 

When people confide in me their notion of desire for change in their life and relationships, I believe them.  Even when they sit in their disappointment and heartache after soaring on the fleeting high of achievement and validation, I see their unique beauty.  I believe in the power of the individual and through my own journey, realized my unbridled passion for aiding others in catalyzing change and creating their own True Success. 


That’s why I began my fantastic adventure developing THE GRAND LIFE Coaching Method™ in 2020, enabling me to guide individuals through life and relationship transitions in an official capacity.  My structured, interactive program relies on The FOUR PILLARS for a GRAND LIFE.  I lead my clients first through dissolving what hinders their growth, preparing them to build a foundation that can accommodate the weight of their success.  Then we determine what’s salient for achieving goals that create a full, nourished and rich life, rendering their foundation unbreakable.  

I am absolutely elated by the honor to work with YOU in building your GRAND LIFE! 

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