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Relationship Coaching

Create Love 

Receive Love 

Sustain Love

Why is that so hard?

Because two unique humans are involved.

Individuals each have their own history, ideas, beliefs and desires, but are also driven for connection, support and love.  You found someone who matched your ideal and hoped it would work out.  Your lives intertwined, forming an attachment and you naturally feel like you need them.  Those strong feelings power your desire to continue in the relationship, even when conflict arises.  But is it True Love or are you simply role-playing?

What's happening now?  If something isn't working, what will happen if you continue the same way?  It's time to surrender to the realization that despite effort and achievement, your relationship's condition isn't everything you imagined.

My GRAND LIFE Coaching Method centers around creating new thought and behavior patterns by dissolving the uncertainty that creates role-playing in your relationship.  But progressing beyond your invisible limits isn't all - you will also learn to nurture True Love by integrating The FOUR PILLARS for a GRAND LIFE.


Exists when neither person is assigning the other to play a role in their life in order to fulfill affirmation of their own image and self-perception.  Instead, both people appreciate themselves and each other as individuals.  They recognize the innate value in combining their gifts, creating a unified vision and transforming it into reality together.

Relationship Break-Down

You felt uneasy when you first noticed small changes. Eventually you realized something is different - they appear different.  Your uneasy feeling grew into alarm, signaling fear that the relationship is breaking down and you don't know how to stop it.  You already tried rectifying the shift on your own, but nothing succeeded in restoring the relationship to what it once was. 

Is there still a chance? 

Do you want to stay or plan to separate? 

Was there True Love or did you exhaust yourself playing a role?

Who are you in your relationship beyond your role as their partner?


Break-Ups - Short & Long-Term Relationships

You're reeling in pain from your break-up.  Now what?  Are you relieved for a fresh start or secretly hoping to get them back and restore your life together?  No matter the length of the relationship, now it's time to move forward.  But how?  You're exhausted, depleted, sad and overwhelmed.  Your mind is full, too tangled with emotion to piece together on your own how to proceed. 

The relationship is over -
but you aren't over.

Will your spirit wither in uncertainty or rise to adventure?

Who are you beyond your break-up?


They're absolutely amazing.  When you're alone together, you feel like the only one in the world.  The romance, adventure and safety is like nothing you've experienced with anyone else.  Is there another human who could ever make you feel so electrified, so special?  Fantasies sustain you when you're apart, making the uncertainty of the next date tenable.  But you're secretly wishing for reliability and hoping for commitment.   Burning questions that you cannot fully satisfy on your own drain your energy and weigh you down.  Time passes and you can't help but acknowledge you're hurting. 

Why are they only in reach long enough to keep you wanting more?

Do they see themselves the way you do?

Will they ever be ready for more? 

Who are you in your relationship beyond your role of compromising for your partner?

Dating for Loving Partnership

You're ready to find a fulfilling relationship.  But you may not have dated since before your last long-term partnership.  Or, you're not used to dating with intention beyond the short-term because commitment used to be overwhelming.  Dating with intention strengthens your chances of recognizing your quality match, and you need guidance and support for how to differentiate your options while maintaining unconditional self-Love. Now is your opportunity to prepare yourself for the Full, Nourished, Rich relationship that compliments your GRAND LIFE.

What's the best approach to dating now? 

What attributes must someone have to be compatible
beyond their role as your partner? 

Do you know how to attract someone with whom you can share True Love?

Who do you want to be in your next relationship
beyond your role as partner?

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