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Coaching Method

 Grand Life

More than a Program, a Method for Living

There are FIVE PHASES in building the foundation for your GRAND LIFE

My unique coaching method centers around leading you through working specific steps in each phase.  Working all five phases ensures a dynamic skill-set that enables you to perpetuate your metamorphosis into life-long elevation.  The first three contain crucial steps to prime you for rebuilding your foundation, while catalyzing an immediate shift away from being stuck.  Steps four - five produce evidence of the work you've put in, providing you with the mental capacity to enact changes reflected in not just your achievements, but your over-all quality of life. 

1. Surrender to the realization that despite effort and achievement, your life's condition isn't everything you imagined 

  • Career, family, relationships, lifestyle & wellness never seem to flow together 

  • You're constantly compromising and sacrificing to "make something work" 

  • You have or are experiencing a break-down in a relationship(s) 

  • Distractions delay or prevent progress in affecting desired change

2. Examine the image you've created for your life and explore why it still doesn't feel like enough 

  • Feeling incomplete motivates you to get, do or be better 

  • Building-on or redeeming your previous success takes priority over exploring new activities, ideas and relationships

  • You often feel stretched, pushed and pressured 

  • You frequently compare yourself to others based on achievement 

3. Acknowledge what you've buried and sacrificed along the way 

  • Disappointments 

  • Broken connections and heartache

  • Talents, skills and interests 

  • Inspiration and ideas outside what's familiar 

4. Rebuild Your Foundation 

  • Unwind fear: learn to command fear at your side 

  • Develop the internal processing skill, agency 

  • Recognize you've already begun your new foundation in phases 1-3  

  • Restructure how to make priorities without relying on image and achievement, compromise and sacrifice and relationship roles

5. Live GRAND 

  • Operate from the internal processing skill, agency 

  • Willfully choose behaviors to live better instead of just feel better 

  • Increase connection with self and others 

  • Realize a quality of Strength necessary to endure all of life's realities without settling for mental, emotional and relational survival mode

Accept this challenge and make the most crucial investment towards the vitality of your future

Getting Started

First, we will use your consultation to acknowledge your current challenges and why you benefit from coaching. Then, I will get an idea of how specific your vision is for what you'd like to achieve.  You and I will also explore if you're focused initially on short term goals, or ready for more intensive coaching and rebuilding your foundation. Then, we can talk about the time investment necessary to achieve progress in aiding you in reaching the point of desired change.  I will address your questions and make my recommendation.

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