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Welcome To Your
Full, Nourished, Rich

Your Life
Your Relationships

Coach Catherine

The Grand Life Coach

Live Your Life BEYOND

Beyond Perceived Value

Embrace freedom & distinguish your worth

Beyond Image & Achievement

Become unstoppable & thrive despite pressure

Beyond Compromise & Sacrifice

Become unbreakable & fortify standards

Beyond Relationship Roles

Become Strong enough to create Love, solid enough to receive Love & dynamic enough to FLY SOLO


If I glanced at a snapshot of your life, I imagine I would easily see an image of success - a variety of accomplishments such as a career and lifestyle, family, relationships and memorable experiences. 


If I looked into your mind, I bet I would find unexplored inspiration, ideas and goals hidden behind disappointments, broken connections, and even heart-ache.  I'd see quiet wishes for not just better, not just different, but a richer, fuller life and relationships.

And if I examined your heart, I would certainly discover a longing for Strength to venture into your unexplored capacity. I'd also find an overwhelming, but secret feeling of fear.  A feeling so forceful it's keeping you confined to identifying with your current reality, leaving inadequate space for your Grand Self.  That fear prevents you from taking the necessary steps to develop particular capabilities on your own.

As your life coach, I already see your path to transformation, and together we will unwind your fear and ignite your vitality.

I developed the GRAND LIFE Coaching Method

to guide individuals on their adventure towards True Success. 

By moving laterally, you'll stop cycling through comfortable limitations.  Instead of continuing to obtain more of what you already have, you'll grow more of what you need to extend your life beyond cycling through what's familiar.

The TRUTH is -

You deserve a full, nourished, rich GRAND LIFE

Grand Life

Coaching Method

More than a Program, a Method for Living

My original coaching method involves leading you through five tiered-phases, and each one contains specific focus points.  You'll complete a variety of exercises to ensure your progress to the next tier. It's humbling work, and a fantastic adventure, filled with discovery.  Your efforts will yield phenomenal growth resulting in true metamorphosis. 

Accept this challenge and make the most crucial investment for the vitality of your future


To the realization that despite effort and achievement, your life or relationship's condition isn't everything you imagined

Phase 2 - EXAMINE

The image you've created for your life or relationship and explore why it still doesn't feel like enough


What you've buried and sacrificed along the way

Phase 4 - REBUILD

Your foundation & work The FOUR PILLARS for a GRAND LIFE




The Foundation for Building Your GRAND LIFE

Accessing TRUTH


Creating Unconditional Self -LOVE 

Building the STRENGTH 

to Endure Life's Realities




Coach Catherine

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