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Speak It.

"I am unstoppable.  I am unbreakable. 

I do not rest on compromise and sacrifice. 

I am strong enough to create love. 

I am solid enough to receive love. 

I am dynamic enough to



"I access layers of TRUTH fear hid from me. I extend myself KINDNESS fear told me was weakness.  I create unconditional Self-LOVE fear told me was accepting failure. I fortify the STRENGTH I've built fear told me was impossible. 
I repeat my practice, growing infinitely, inspired by the challenge. 
I stand on the FOUR PILLARS of a
Full, Nourished, Rich life & 

At any given time, each of us can access a certain level of truth, defined by our current capabilities.  We are constantly balancing My Truth and The Truth.  My Truth is what you believe inside yourself to be true (potential), and what you don't yet realize you are capable of (capacity). It doesn't necessarily match with external reality (it's mostly undeveloped and unseen).  The Truth is objective: identifiable by external reality (past events, current conditions).  Bridging the two relies on your capability to access multiple layers of both kinds of Truths.  The greater the amount of access you have, the stronger your foundation is and the closer you become to living at your full capacity.

Unconditionally accessing Truth is difficult - a lot of times, Truth hurts.  Avoiding unfamiliarity and pain, you naturally choose to avoid uncomfortable Truths.  You rest on your invisible limits of comfort and familiarity, disallowing Your Truth from becoming seen.  While simultaneously denying pieces of The Truth, you prevent yourself from progressing towards Strength.  Your brain protects your heart and soul, making certain you never complete the bridge where Your Truth and The Truth merge.  By keeping them separate, you avoid uncovering disappointments, loss and heartache but also lock away ideas, inspiration and special gifts.  While Truths remain hidden, you avoid risking failure at the expense of sealing away your greatness.

Your approach to accessing Truth cannot be to rip off the band-aid or punish yourself with guilt. The only way to uncover the layers of Truth standing between you and your progress is to approach with Kindness.  Being kind to yourself while uncovering difficult Truths enables you to build your bridge at a pace you can manage.  It's relieving to stop running on empty by compromising Truths for the sake of getting by and trying to feel okay.  You'll welcome freedom by no longer punishing yourself through sacrificing what you need to nourish your life.  Kindness relieves pressure from the false belief that parts of you can't exist in the outside world if you're going to be successful. When you unconditionally extend yourself Kindness while confronting Your Truth and The Truth,

Three Things Happen

1. The need subsides to protect yourself by having a divider between Your Truth and The Truth

2. Everyday life is more enjoyable:  Situations and people that used to create stress now flow easily, and extending kindness to others comes more naturally

3. You begin creating unconditional Self-Love 

When you're loving yourself, the need to engage in destructive behaviors no longer feels natural to you.  You don't need to cling to the comfort of familiarity anymore to avoid feeling incomplete, lonely, and unstable because you are no longer fueled by avoiding uncertainty and fear.  Your commitment to facing Truth beyond your invisible limits and doing so kindly, creates unconditional Self-Love.

Love provides you with unparalleled focus and a new ability to maximize time spent on enjoying new ideas and learning.  Investing time more wisely creates boundless energy and natural happiness.  Because you're exercising Love-skills, you are now strong enough to create Love in relationships, within your family, and in your community.  You'll no longer subsist on constantly compromising in relationships, because they will no longer be based on validation-seeking by role-playing and compartmentalizing. 

Your ability to engage in genuine connection makes you solid enough to receive True Love. True Love exists when relationships aren't transactional - neither person is assigning the other to play a role in their life in order to fulfill affirmation of their own image and self-perception.  Instead, both people appreciate themselves and each other as individuals.  They recognize the innate value in combining their gifts, creating a unified vision and transforming it into reality together. 

True Love is clearly worth waiting for because you've filled yourself with the kind of Love that's already provided you security in what you believe about yourself.  The excitement of casual encounters or entangling yourself in transactional Love diminishes.  The mystery and highs and lows are no longer appealing, and you simply don't believe that settling is better.  You're already flying high on Love, solo.  

Accessing Truth, Engaging Kindness, Creating Unconditional Self-Love build your Strength to endure all of life's realities. 


By choosing to continue this challenge you increase your quality of Strength, gaining momentum and become unstoppable.  Your continued dedication to your practice solidifies your strong foundation, making you unbreakable. You transform your way of living from cycling through unproductive patterns set by your invisible limits, to elevating your existence beyond what fear made you believe was possible.     

As incredible and rewarding as this method for living sounds, the reality of facing Truth feels overwhelming and quite possibly like the absolute last resort.  That's okay, discomfort and even dread are completely normal – do not mistake those unsettling feelings as a sign it’s not meant to be.


Part of Kindness is identifying that you benefit from allowing someone to help you take the first step, while understanding it speaks nothing against your ability to create your own destiny.  


It's completely normal to need support through telling difficult Truths and to begin working The FOUR PILLARS, you'll need guidance.  That's why as your coach, I'm prepared to not only lead you, but walk alongside you through the initial challenging steps when you feel panic, uncertainty and like turning back or procrastinating.  


More than likely, your mental wiring doesn't prioritize Kindness.  Your natural inclination may be to engage in self-destructive behaviors that completely steer you away from crucial discovery.  You may automatically turn to harsh language and telling yourself it's too hard or inconvenient and life is just fine as it is, after all.  Or you may go to great lengths to avoid new layers of Truth all together, deciding not knowing feels better.

Many believe people are drawn to:



technology (tv, phone) binges

mind-altering substances

risky sex






defining themselves by comparison






Because they are either:








or broken. 


But all that needs mending to transition away from those confining beliefs is the skill set used to access Truths.  Unfortunately, fear blocks you from beginning any new process that involves risk of exposure to Truths it deems threatening.  Fear whispers lies in your ear to keep you small, unstable and looping in a cycle of self-destruction. 

FEAR does not want you to change!

I already see your path to TRANSFORMATION
Together, We Will UNWIND Your Fear

I became The GRAND LIFE Coach™ so I could share a riveting Truth I discovered on my own journey - you cannot rise above, escape or annihilate fear.  It is a natural law that fear cannot be destroyed.  You must learn to unwind fear.  Any other attempt at dealing with it feeds your

Hustle Cycle

Desperation --> Motivation--> Effort--> Exhaustion--> Defeat


That is why the first step in my coaching method is to - Surrender to the realization that despite effort and achievement, your life's condition isn't everything you imagined For many, the first step realistically is the most difficult, because it's mind bending to consider that sacrificing for success worked against you in getting you the whole life you thought you wanted.

You may very well be capable and deserving of your accomplishments, relationships and the material possessions you dreamed of or acquired, but you're mistaken in assuming that by gaining those assets, you will finally be beyond the threat of fear, disappointment, failure and loneliness.  That is why the second step in my coaching method is to - Examine the image you've created for your life and analyze why it still doesn't feel like enough.  Once you reach a new level of success (internal or external) fear intensifies and you're confronted with new ones. 

Fear will never stop targeting you, no matter what you manifest. 

Many become exhausted and compulsively sabotage themselves from excelling further, hoping to find relief and escape the pressure.  But that doesn't work either – your coping mechanisms fail to numb your mounting anxiety and guilt from submitting to indifference.  Meanwhile, fear stalks like a snake, satisfied you're diminishing your potential, readying itself to strike at any scent of attempted resurrection.

I'm going to teach you how to obtain - and maintain- your desired assets after you've created a strong enough foundation to accommodate the weight of your success. That is why the third step in my coaching method is - Acknowledge what you've buried or sacrificed along the way.  Now it's time to examine the natural choices you've made that hide both your perceived weakness and your precious excellence.  Intimidating, but by doing so, you clear your conscience of accumulated blockage and separate out your gifts.  You'll then harness those gifts by developing new skills. You omit the typical looming anxiety in eventually having to level-up again or start over because conflict arose that inevitably became a major set-back.

Aren't you tired of starting over? 

That's why the fourth step in my coaching method is - Rebuild Your Foundation.  You'll appreciate that a strong foundation prevents adversity from breaking you.  Conflict, disappointment or loss won't derail you.  No one can deplete you or diminish you because you've removed yourself from the status and comparison game and now rely upon your own beliefs about yourself.   Most importantly, you won't break down and throw away what you've earned by sabotaging yourself and succumbing to fear's power grip. You'll no longer listen to its lies that you don't deserve your success, or you need to sacrifice even more to get more because what you’ve earned is still not enough. 

As you learned earlier, you cannot destroy fear, avoid it, or even change it.  Your superior objective is to unwind fear to lessen and then release its grip.  Picture the diamond patterned, yellow-eyed reticulated python, the word’s fiercest and longest constrictor.  This merciless amphibian stealthily approaches unsuspecting prey and pauses tauntingly close, poising itself, muscles tightening beneath slick scales.   In one silent motion, the predator strikes, sinking its fangs into soft, tissue.  The snake quickly coils around the stunned animal, seizing blood circulation and over pressurizing the brain, suffocating them.  The victim is completely powerless and the snake triumphs, making them its sustenance.

Fear behaves precisely the same as the python –stalking your every move, scrutinizing your vulnerability and then powerfully stuns with speed and pressure, rendering you paralyzed.  You cannot fight: you are at its mercy, and you cannot win

You attracted fear because you thought about venturing outside your realm of normality. You realized inspiration and set goals expecting rewards and change; You stretched your vulnerability by trying something new; You opened your heart to a new relationship; You dared going against compliance, developing independence that could lead you towards a new realm of existence.   While you busied yourself with your efforts to grow, fear spied his accomplice, doubt.   And when you stumbled on doubt’s sabotage, fear attacked, vanquishing you back into submission.  It bet that you couldn’t evolve beyond playing into his trap, and the wager paid off.  Fear smiles smugly to himself, fortified by your supply.  Quite pleased with its lifestyle, fear won’t ever change

You will change and remove yourself from fear's realm. 


You will secure the bridge between Your Truth and The Truth.  You will respond to fear by wielding Kindness, stunning it.  You will rely on unconditional Self-Love to coax fear's muscles to relax its grip from around you.  You will unwind fear with the foundational Strength of The FOUR PILLARS. Only then will you be powerful enough to ease fear into its appropriate position as your subordinate. 

Now you’re ready for the final step in my GRAND LIFE Coaching Method™ - Live Beyond Your Invisible Limits.  With fear no longer a looming threat to your vitality, it’s time to unleash your dopamine and get excited about your Full, Nourished, Rich LIFE!  Positive emotions flow freely without the unpleasant anxiety about it not lasting.  You trust yourself to treat yourself well and continue forward with dignity regardless of inevitable obstacles and difficult emotions.

Freedom abounds and you’re organically motivated to renew existing and create goals that your foundation can now accommodate.  How you divide your time won’t be focused on compromising and sacrificing anymore but relishing the joy in discovering how you can prioritize all the pursuits you’re growing from.  Your days will flow with progress and you’ll be excited to wake-up tomorrow, interested and curious about what’s next to absorb, contribute, accomplish, love and enjoy.


What are you going to do with your GRAND LIFE? 

Let’s work together and find out! 

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